Owner's Identity.

Assalamu'alaikum wbt readers.

I am a mysterious blogger indeed. There is no info, even a bit about me, updated in my blog.
Just because I really mark the phrase 'A true muslimah does not look at others and does not looked by others.' Others in this content does have the same meaning with 'ajnabi'. 'Ajnabi', in arabic which means, my non-mahram which that I can be married with. ( a guy for sure. )

I am really sorry because I can't revealed most things about myself to all of you, my readers.
All that you are legally can know is my nickname is AFMZ.
And my biggest aim is to seek for Allah's blessings although I know I am a true sinner, not a saint but I know, Allah is the best forgiver ever! As long as we seek for Him and repent truly, He will accept our repentance :')
Allahu Allah.... Allahuakbar!

I'm done. Wassalam. AFMZ~