30 October 2013

Nearing The End...

Assalamu'alaikum. Okay let's proceed..
Nearing the end?
The end of what?
All of you must have been wonder about it. Actually, what I meant is, 2013 is nearing the end of the book. Book of 2013. Erm, I don't hate 2013 but hmmm... 2013. The year where I got lots of bad and bitter memories rather than good and sweet memories. Indeed!
But, bad memories usually ends up with a LESSON. A lesson that teach me to not do something stupid like this in the future. So that, I will not ruin my future. Hm, I hope I can. But.... I'm just an ordinary human being that always do mistakes and commit sins. I regret! Yes, I regret for almost everything that had happened throughout this year. This year shows me my dumbness. A LOT. I have really changed to a bad version of AMIRA this year. Yes, the last 2012 was a bliss, for me. But this year? It is a NIGHTMARE and I hope I will be better in 2014!
And FYI,
Next year I will be facing one of the great examination in my schooling years. PBSMR it is. For long, it is 'Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah Menengah Rendah'. For me it is just PBS + PMR which I know, it will be tougher than PMR that my seniors had face through. Oh well readers, wish me luck! I hope I can do the best! :')
I will study hard + smart as I know I'm not that intelligent and clever as my friends are. Yup, my friends are so clever! Lucky me because I have them as my friends :')
Thanks guys! :'D
So yeah, I hope this 2013 ends up quickly because I really want to change myself. I can start it from now but I have a stronger will to start changing as the new year shows up. Please readers, pray for me. :')
Do'a kan saya ye? :') Saya harap saya dapat berubah. Saya memang teringin mencari kemanisan hidup disamping mencari kemanisan iman... Saya nak kejar zuhud! :')
Do'akan saya agar saya berjaya jadi seorang muslim yang zuhud :')
InShaaAllah.. Aamiin! :'D

Sekian daripada saya. See you guys later in the newer post.
Wassalam... AFMZ~